Rainbow Peppercorn Sampler Pack
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Brand: Pepper-Passion
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Rainbow Peppercorn Sampler Pack  

Four bags of Black, White, Green and Rose (Pink) peppercorns

Choice of Small or Medium (our recommendation) or Magnum size bags.  (Small bags pictured)

  • Muntok White (4 oz Small, 10 oz Medium, or 20 oz Magnum Bags)  
  • Malabar  Black (4 oz Small, 10 oz Medium, or 20 oz Magnum Bags)
  • Indian Air-Dried Green  (2.oz Small, 5 oz Medium, or 10 oz Magnum Bags)
  • Pink/Rose peppercorns  (2 oz Small, 5 oz Medium, or 10 oz Magnum Bags)

Many cooks have never used any type of pepper other than Black (or possibly White) and might relish the opportunity to expand their culinary options.  The Rainbow Peppercorn Sampler Pack makes that possible by offering each of the four types in a cost saving bundled package. 

While the Black Peppercorn Sampler Pack might be for the casual pepper-loving diner, the Rainbow Sampler Pack is for cooks. 

Uncertain what to use these other varieties for?  Try visiting our recipes section where you will find plenty of ideas to inspire you.


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