Rose Peppercorns
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Rose (Pink) Peppercorns - Product of Reunion

Available in three re-sealable bag sizes:

  • 2 oz  Value-Pack 
  • 5 oz  Value-Pack
  • 10 oz  Magnum Pack


Rose Peppercorns are not a true pepper (piper nigrum). The pink corns are actually mastic berries originating from the tiny island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.  The corns are light and soft with a sweet and mildly acidic flavor.  Rub the berries between your fingers. The pink "paper" comes off the center corn. The paper is used on top of martinis, chocolate cookies or any where a sweet  "crunch" followed by a whisper of pepper would be welcome.  Use the whole peppercorn in nouveau cuisine dishes or to flavor chicken, pork, veal, or in any marinade where sweetness is a feature. 

Put on your chef's hat, this peppercorn is made for experimentation. 


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