Aphrodite in Desert IronwoodAphrodite:   This was my first signature design and it is still one of our most popular.  This classic shape combines simple coves and compound curves that seamlessly flow together into a timeless and elegant form.  Friends used words like sensuous, feminine, curvaceous and even voluptuous, before in a moment of inspiration I gave it the name of the figure from mythology who epitomized those terms.

The set of mills on the left was made from Honduran Rosewood Burl, with the pepper mill to the left, and the salt mill on the right.  If you look closely you will notice that the base of the salt mill has a slightly concave profile.  We do this with all of the salt mills that are part of a set.  It allows the user to easily distinguish one  mill from the other.  Another unique feature of most of our mill designs is what I call the "blended body."  You will note that the dividing line between the head and the body is almost invisible, giving the impression of a single continous shape versus an obviously two-piece shape.  I was probably not the first to attempt this, but we have made it a cornerstone of our designs.  It make accurate machining critical, which may be a reason few others attempt this.

The Aphrodite design has a fuller shape and is a bit heavier than some of our other designs.  It is most popular with men who want to have something substantial to hold in their hand.


 Amphora design in Spalted Maple

Amphora:  Another timeless shape harking back to classic times, this design has smooth flowing lines devoid of sharp edges and epitomizes classical themes and elegant grace.  I thought the upper portion resembled those ubiquitous vessel artifacts found in ancient Mediterranean shipwrecks, hence the name Amphora.  This design is popular with everyone and shows off wood grain very well.  It also has a slender profile and will be comfortable in almost anyone's hands.

The mills pictured to the right were crafted from Gallery Grade Buckeye Burl.  As withe other designs the salt mill has a base prfile that is slightly concave as per the mill on the left in this picture.




Baluster design peppermill in ZebrawoodBaluster:  A Baluster is an upright post supporting a handrail, and that was what I thought this shape resembled.  The inspiration came while giving a woodworking lesson after I had made a huge gouge on my way to making an Aphrodite.  The salvaging of a valuable blank of wood led to my second signature design inspiration that has proven to be visually distinctive.

The deep sculpted lines witth crisp edges yields a design that is striking and unique, and ideally suited for showing off bold grain patterns.  I describe this look as "cascading coves."  The is design is not suitable for soft or spalted woods.  It also may not be a good choice if you object to hard edges. The mill pictured to the left was crafted from Macassar Ebony.





Luxor design pepper grinder in CocoboloLuxor:   I have been lucky enough to have visited Egypt more than 15 times, and I continue to be awed and inspired by what I have seen there.  This is my tribute to the impressive monuments of ancient Egypt, the most impressive oh which are located in Luxor.  The sweeping lines are reminiscent of the lotus flower, a recurring theme in Egyptian art and architecture.  

A classic form with excellent ergonomics.  The crisp edge located near the top makes this design less suitable for soft or spalted woods.  The set pictured to the right were crafted from Brazlian Kingwood.




Moderna peppermill in CocoboloModerna:  This design has been an instant hit since first being introduced, and is now probably our second most popular design.  This is a flowing shape that expresses the sweeping simple lines of a hyperbola into a fresh look, while retaining superior ergonomics for everyday use.

Another design with clean lines that is both classic and boldly contemporary.  One disadvantage of this design is that there is no easy way to distinguish which mills is which from a distance.  However, the adjustment screws on top are marked with an S or a P so there is no confustion if the mill is in your hand.

This design is favored by many people that furnish their homes with a contemporary look.  It is also the most popular design with a majority of women.  The set pictured to the left was crafted from ultra-rare Snakewood.




Simplicity peppermill in CocoboloSimplicity:  The name says it all, from the "less is more" school of design.  Clean uncluttered flowing curves suggest simple, understated, and timeless elegance coupled with superior ergonomics.  If you are a tadtionalist that believes a pepper mill needs to have a knob on top, then this may be the design for you.  This is one of our less popilar design but it is available in all woods by special order.







Our Salt and Pepper Grinders are all 10” in height, are signed by the artist, and come packaged in a presentation gift box.  All carry a limited lifetime warranty.  Each Peppermill will hold about 1.5 oz. (about 5-6 Tablespoons) of peppercorns.