Holiday Pepper Sampler
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Brand: Pepper-Passion
Product Code: 2013

Holiday Sampler Pack

Three resealable bags of some of our most popular and favorite peppercorns!

You will receive small bags of:

  • Lampong Black (4 oz)Lampong peppercorns are are treasured around the world for their mild, delicate aroma. Small, brown berries are characterized by a sweet, smoky, and yet "woodsy" fragrance.  Lampong goes well with almost any dish.  This aromatic corn is a perfect compliment to Thai or Singaporean dishes. One sniff will take your imagination to sweet concoctions made of coconut milk and lemon grass. Try it in other recipes where a less bold, but aromatic pepper flavor is preferred.
  • Vietnamese Black (4 oz):  Vietnamese peppercorns have not been widely publicized in the past, but that is likely to change as Vietnam is now producing some superior spices and is now the world's largest producer of peppercorns as well as the largest exporter.  These corns are large in size with a flavor to match.  When cracked they show a bit of yellow color and release a hint of citrus fragrance.  The peppercorns in this pack are distinctively bold in flavor and release a medium amount of heat.  They are a perfect compliment to fish or sprinkled over salads.  Try this pepper if you're looking for something unique and exotic.    
  • Indian Green Peppercorn (2oz):  Green peppercorns are picked off the vines before they are ripe, then the berries are quickly preserved resulting in a fresh, light flavor which is quite distinct from black or white peppercorns.  Crush the berry between your thumb and forefinger to sprinkle over noodles or salad and to apply as a rub on meat.  They are traditionally used in pepper-steak sauce.  Traditional yet trendy, the delicate flavor works well with international recipes or fusion cooking.   These peppercorns are easily overpowered by the stronger favors of white or black pepper.  It's best to use green peppercorns as a flavor unto itself.

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